The Great British Week of Sport – a fantastic opportunity to socialize

Socialization is the process by which a person acquires habits, beliefs, and accumulated knowledge about society from childhood to adulthood through education and learning. Various studies show that sports both for children and adults play a positive role in the socialization process.

There are plenty of factors helping people to feel satisfied and integrated into society through various activities. Here is a short list of the main ones.

Meet fellows or find new friends

During The Great British Week of Sport is held, you have an amazing boost to foster the development of personal identity and friendship. Sport helps in the formation of social identity. According to some studies, people who participate in organized sports activities see such events as a place where they can meet other like-minded fellows who share at least common interests.

Other research indicates that quality workouts can help to develop and maintain healthy relationships, so this occasion may facilitate communication and bring profit for building new connections.

Mutual interaction between the oldest and the youngest

The Great British Week of Sport doesn’t put any restrictions on the age of participants. Thus here sporting activities can also help kids interact with adults and understands the needs of each other better. This points to the domino effect.

Adults contribute to children’s social development and communicational skills and the kids give the older ones warm emotions and the feeling of happiness. The profit from the communication is evident.

Your values can be achieved

The realization of the humanistic ideal is the holistic development of the individual, which implies a combination of harmony and completeness. The idea of harmonious personality development is associated with harmony of the body (physical fitness, physical development), mental (emotions, will, attention, experience, intelligence, etc.), and spiritual (moral and aesthetic needs) factors.

The all-round development of a person presupposes the presence of a complex of physical, mental, and spiritual qualities and abilities that enables you to be conscious, actively participate and achieve certain goals achievements in the main areas of social activity, so attending such an event may have a positive effect.

Qualitative leisure time matters

Also, you are free to satisfy an important need of the individual in motor activity, namely, the need for emotionally rich entertainment during leisure time. The opportunity to discharge, and feel joy, pleasure, and delight plays a significant role in your well-being.

Saturation of free time with physical activity contributes to the reorientation of human behavior in the direction of compliance with the basic provisions of a healthy lifestyle, rejection of bad habits (drug use, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse), and distraction from antisocial actions, which, of course, increases the humanistic value of working out.

Coronavirus has changed everything

A pandemic has changed the way we communicate, as we were forced to get limited to communicating via electronic devices or in person over a significant physical distance.

Wearing a mask, preventive measures, and personal hygiene should not be an obstacle to strengthening the bonds we have built throughout life.

Of course, the pandemic changed the rules of holding The Great British Week of Sport, but it again underlined, that the communciational aspect is essential in physical fitting.

If you still feel unsatisfied and lonely

Not to feel abandoned, use your social media. In a pandemic crisis try to make friends, join a group that shares your interests, and above all, don’t let physical distance stop you from communicating.
It’s important to remember that the pandemic will not last forever.

You just need to learn to be empathetic, to understand that everyone goes through this challenge in their own way, someone feels comfortable being at home and not leaving, and someone goes through depressive and disturbing episodes.

The countless applications like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Meet and so on, where there is access to free communication not depending on your location, will be useful too. Use these tools and do not lose the opportunity to communicate and share with people around you.