Become part of The Great British Week of Sport and change the world

Every day during The Great British Week of Sport a different topic is highlighted to ensure that the BeActive message is widely spread and that more people have the opportunity to participate. That’s why the creators encourage not only participants but various business sponsors to take part in it.

Companies and brands can demonstrate how acting activity can improve the mental, physical, and social well-being of each of us.

Are there any plans to develop the project?

Recently the creators of the event have declared plans for 2021 and so on. The format is unchangeable. It doesn’t have to be anything new: from the start of a regular course to a free trial offer for new members, a free app discovery, a virtual sport workout, etc.

The target is to encourage people to offer their own activities and that is how to bring everyone together.

How is it possible to take part?

It’s extremely simple to register a personal event in a measure of The Great British Week of Sport, and then creators will assist you in organizing a fantastic occasion that will appeal to the general public as part of The Great British Week of Sport.

Once again: why you do need this

It’s difficult to overestimate the benefits of physical activity for human health. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant decline in acting sport activity among residents of many countries in Europe (including Great Britain) and around the world. This reflects a general trend that increases both physical and mental health risks.

That’s why let’s mention why The Great British Week of Sport may be profitable for you.

The immune system needs to have cared

Immunity is a unique system of the human body that consists of specialized cells and different classes of protein molecules that enable you to resist billions of invisible viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can cause a variety of diseases.

There is good news for those who exercise regularly. After all, the drop in immunity is temporary, but the overall resistance of the immune system to various diseases will be 40-50% higher for them than for those who regularly sit on the couch with the TV remote control.

So, regular physical activity and avoiding overtraining help to keep not only the muscles in shape but also the immune system. And that is extremely crucial under the conditions of a pandemic.

High-stress level harms your health

The coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented threats to mental health around the world, in addition to direct damage to physical health.

Scientific studies have shown that physical activity and stress affect each other. During periods of stress, people tend to avoid physical activity and instead often resort to unhealthy behaviors to overcome stress: smoking, overeating, alcohol consumption, etc.

Simultaneously there is evidence of a feedback loop: physical activity is associated with lower stress levels. Regular exercise reduces objective (salivary cortisol) and subjective (mood, well-being) stress measures, even with low to moderate daily activity. Exercise synthesizes a whole cocktail of molecules that improve mood and increase life satisfaction. So get packed and go to The Great British Week of Sport!

Risks you must be aware of

If you had Covid, don’t try to break in sports with all the energy. Scientists still don’t have a complete understanding of the details of the COVID-19 recovery process, so there are some risk factors, like:

  • Possible damage to the heart;
  • Physical activity in the presence of myocarditis is associated with increased morbidity and mortality;
  • Thromboembolic complications and long-term effects on the lungs;
  • Various mental and psychological consequences;
  • Quite after the disease post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression may be found.

This doesn’t mean physical activity is forbidden for you, it’s profitable, but you have to get more careful medical monitoring and support, as well as a smoother adaptation period to stresses of even moderate intensity.