What does the BeActive message of The Great British Week of Sport mean?

The Great British Week of Sport’s creators have managed the occasion by referring to their European colleagues, directly they were inspired by the practice of the initiative of the European Commission aimed to promote sport and physical activity in Europe, sharing the BeActive message. What is it? What is the aim? Read out below.

In detail about the European experience

Sport and physical activity contribute significantly to the health and well-being of citizens, but the level of physical activity in Europe, especially Great Britain, is currently stagnant and, in some countries, declining.

That is why the European colleagues held The European Week of Sport, aiming to call to action millions of people.

The inclusive campaign encourages Europeans to exercise regularly (called the BeActive message) and creates opportunities in everyday life to be healthier and happier through physical activity. What is more interesting, the initiative is not recently created, in 2015 it was first offered to gather people together ‘ to move’.

What can be offered by The Great British Week of Sport?

In collaboration with The European Week of Sport, the creators are going to continue to inspire people to be energetic.

The event will continue to spread the ideas and values of leading a healthy lifestyle and counteracting the negative effects of the pandemic reality.

It is planned to expand the program of the week of activities, increase the number of interesting partners and sponsors, and even more the involvement of citizens.

The chance to feel better and keep fit

The occasion is primarily about keeping fit, thus doing sport has a positive effect on a person in general. Controlled and properly calculated physical activity is a great way to maintain health, youth, strength, and self-confidence.

The benefit of sport is also fine functioning of internal organs. The activation of neurotransmitters in the brain caused by physical activity leads to many positive consequences. Among the benefits of sport for brain activity:

  • optimizing the absorption of new material;
  • improving concentration;
  • promoting the generation of new ideas;
  • strengthening the ability to concentrate;
  • promoting the retention of memories (improving memory abilities).

According to world-known research, sport contributes to healthy and restful sleep. Physical activity helps to relieve muscle spasms and get rid of chronic pain and fatigue, which has a positive effect on rest and sleep. Such training improves the ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly. As a result, you get the opportunity to recover fully and better.

One more argument to count on

Also The Great British Week of Sport helps to recharge. If you are a person with chronic fatigue syndrome having problems with workability, sufficient rest, and suffering from insomnia and depression, the event will ‘shake’ you.

Sporting activities are necessary to increase vitality. Physical exercises that you can do here not only bring ‘pleasant fatigue’, but give you energy, which helps to improve your mood, get rid of sad thoughts and fill your mind with new ideas and desires.

Moreover, exercise improves the condition of blood vessels, and normalizes blood circulation. Almost any workout in the program has a positive effect on one of the largest organs of the human body – the skin.

With good blood circulation, cells are well supplied with oxygen, which optimizes metabolism and contributes to the improvement of skin conditions at any age. Therefore, physical exercises are necessary for health, elasticity, and beautiful skin.

Support the BeActive message and become happy

It’s difficult to count the number of positive effects of activities on your body. Our society is already on the path of reformation and is ready to develop in the field of its own health. The Great British Week of Sport in everything contributes to the achievement of this goal.

The United Kingdom, as an integral part of the European continent, confidently moves into the future, taking care of everyone.

The BeActive message will help each of us achieve our own goals and common goal. Enough of hesitating and procrastinating – it’s time to move forward and try! Here you will definitely find many like-minded people and discover many new things for yourself.