Basics and the essence of The Great British Week of Sport

The coronavirus pandemic has become a challenge for many areas of our lives. In particular, sports also affected our physiological health.

That is why the most ardent British sports activists gathered together and organized an event – The Great British Week of Sport – aimed at active socialization (without health risks) and the health of the entire British society.

When was The Great British Week of Sport organized?

The event was established in 2020 to encourage the nation to recognize the benefits of sports and exercise on our mental, physical, and social well-being.

Although today the epidemic is gradually receding and humanity is returning to a pre-pandemic way of life, the challenge to return to keeping fit is still actual as times change, and newly acquired patterns (seclusion, inactive lifestyle) remain.

The structure of the occasion itself

Each day of the week was dedicated to a different topic to ensure that the BeActive message reached a large audience and that more people had the opportunity to participate – the week was aimed at everyone, regardless of age, origin, or fitness level.

What is the target of The Great British Week of Sport?

Creators were sure that in 2020, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, it was critical to hold a week, but in a different way.

They wanted to unite the British and strengthen their health, which has never been more threatened than it is today, through a combination of virtual and physical initiatives ranging from the grassroots to the elite.

During this week, everyone participating worked with Mind, StreetGames, Para Dance UK, Ordnance Survey, and many other key partners du to organizers to improve the nation’s health.

For instance, the National Fitness Day during Great British Week of Sport inspired over 21 million people to engage in physical activity.

The problems solving due to the event

There are many negative factors we obtained because of the pandemic restrictions, let’s overview the main ones, which the Great British Week of Sport can solve.

Overeating and extra pounds on the waist

The British began to eat more and move less, which nutritionists admit. Some people eat more because they work from home. Someone eats stress with sweets.

The World Health Organization equates the spread of excess weight in the world to an epidemic: almost 40% of earthlings overeat, have excess kilograms, and in recent years, significantly more people die from obesity and related diseases than from hunger.

British society has proven unprepared for the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, and as a result, the overweight situation is only getting worse.

Oddly enough, extra kilograms appeared even in those people who take care of themselves, do sports, and eat well. Why did this happen?

Even when you eat healthy food, you can gain weight: if you consume more than you expend. In addition, during chronic stress, the hormonal system begins to work differently, and against this background, the body stores extra pounds.

Caution, nervousness, loneliness

During the pandemic, the quarantine itself, epidemic risks, and own fears changed people’s behavior patterns and developed habits that negatively affect social contacts and the general mental well-being of the average person.

Nervousness increases in all types of relationships: due to fatigue and unclear prospects. People are disoriented and stressed because they do not have a clear understanding of what the danger is and how exactly the risk can be reduced, as a result of the reduced level of communication between people.

Others try to solve their own problems on their own, without involving their “social capital”. That is, we remain with our need to communicate (it has not disappeared), but without communication itself, so this event will definitely help in solving the problem.

To sum up: what is this about?

So that today The Great British Week of Sport is an excellent opportunity to promote and celebrate physical activity and sport, highlighting his ability to unite us all.

This is a great opportunity to realize again why it is so important to spend time communicating with others and doing simple, interesting, and extremely useful things.

Here you can not worry about achievements, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and benefit your mental and physiological health. We need to unite and encourage the creation of similar events in order to return to normal life. It will be difficult at first, but nothing is impossible for us!